What’s Changed in the Industry

Within the last two years the UK has passed laws to achieve ‘net zero’ emission of all greenhouse gases by 2050, along with a commitment made at the UK’s 6th Carbon Budget in April 2021, to cut emissions to 78% of 1990 levels by 2035. The rate of change across the UK economy, driven by the need to achieve these goals, has accelerated exponentially. 

Customer and Investor Demand for a Greener Future

We all buy services and acquire investments because we need them, and in the process of selecting from a range of choices for a given service or investment, a rapidly increasing number of individuals, and organisations, now consider each product and investment’s sustainability credentials.

It’s not easy for investors or consumers to evaluate a product’s sustainability claims. Rather than simply claiming a sustainable approach, they need to provide a set of standards which identify their business’s impact on society, the environment, and demonstrate how transparent and accountable their business is (ESG).

At Storage Future we don’t just say we build sustainably, we demonstrate we do.

Net Zero Construction

Construction activities generate approximately 10% of UK emissions directly, with steel and concrete production topping carbon hungry processes/materials.

At the very start of our supply chain, steel and concrete producers are tackling the challenge of using renewable energy to produce the extreme energy intensity needed for ultra-high manufacturing temperatures. 

Steel can be more easily recycled than concrete, but this process requires energy too, and currently there is insufficient recyclable steel to meet demand. Technological advancements are moving rapidly, including R&D efforts in developing structurally capable, sustainable materials. Along with our suppliers, we are watching the energy markets closely to source sustainable power, while also exploring alternate materials which also meet fire resistance requirements.

Our Sustainability Focus

The reduction of carbon is a core component within out sustainability strategy. As a business we are working towards becoming net zero and have in place a carbon reduction strategy.

Storage Future want to ensure the future of our planet and in doing so we recognise we have to make changes ourselves, so far we have implemented the following:
• Fleet of net zero emission vehicles
• Reduced travel and work with partners to offset
• Installed PVP’s at our offices
• Removed single use plastic from our offices
• Educated our employees on the Climate Crisis and encourage personal emission measurement and reduction through the WWF App
• Living Wage Employer
• Have a Sustainability Investment Fund

We have also aligned ourselves to the following UN Sustainability Goals:

Case Studies

There's very little we haven't done in the past when it comes to Self Storage Design & Build.

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